Wills and Probate

It can be difficult drawing up a will or handling the estate of someone who has passed, but knowing these concerns are in hand brings peace and ensures you and your loved ones are free of any hassle.

At Rashid&Co our dedicated Will & Probate experts will handle your case with the sensitivity and care that it demands. We understand the challenge that can come with approaching a will, figuring out where to start, or dealing with the estate of someone who has passed. But planning for the future needn’t be another stress for you to sort. There are many reasons to ensure you create a legally compliant will. You may want to consider creating a will if:

  • You would like to decide who will settle your affairs
  • You have been recently married or divorced
  • To safeguard your family home
  • Name your children’s guardians
  • Provide for any dependents
  • Change in circumstances

Sometimes one may die without a valid will, or a will that cannot be located. The administration of an estate in these circumstances can often prove complicated, but we can also help in situations like these, making the process as straightforward as possible for you. In some instances, a will may be disputed, but you do not have to tackle claims like this alone. We offer a committed service to provide grounded and robust advice to ensure you do not enter any unnecessary proceedings.

If you are named as an executor of someone’s will, or responsible for settling someone’s estate, you may need to apply for a “grant of probate.” This is something we can help you apply for. However, we can also administer the settling of affairs on your behalf, easing the process in what can be a difficult time. This could include:

  • Gathering the deceased’s assets and distributing them to the relevant beneficiaries.
  • Notifying any banks, building societies or relevant government bodies
  • Paying off any inheritance tax
  • Calculating any assets and liabilities
  • Settling any accounts

Every case can differ depending on the size of the deceased’s estate, but rest assured that our professionals Rashid&Co will remove one worry from what can be an otherwise difficult period.

If you are concerned regarding any of these eventualities, or more,  then do not hesitate to contact our Wills & Probate specialists.

Our Wills & Probate Team

Tariq Rashid


SolicItor advocate
(Higher Court Criminal Advocate)

LAA Supervisor
Family Law Panel Advanced Member
Children Panel Member

Qualified Barrister
(in-House High Court Advocate)

Higher Rights of Audience

Duty Solicitor

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