Immigration Law varies widely, from UK Visa approval, to bringing to your spouse, dependents, or family to the UK. We also handle more complex issues such as the deportation orders of foreign nationals in the event of criminal convictions. At Rashid&Co our specialists are used to advising and preparing applications to both enter, remain, or seek naturalisation within the UK. In the events of deportation, removal or bail it is vital to seek reliable assistance as soon as possible.

These events can be difficult and sometimes stressful experiences. Reliable help, understanding, and fair treatment are just as important as expertise, efficiency, and experience. We ensure our service to you excels on every level and you can be certain we will be in your corner supporting you through any of the necessary processes and procedures. We will ensure your needs are met, assess your eligibility, and offer guidance on the best path forward in your particular situation.

We have experience of dealing with all aspects of immigration law which can often overlap with family and criminal law matters, such as deportation and human rights applications.

If any of these situations sound familiar to you, or you are still unsure, then please contact us so that we can provide advice and aid you with your potential application.

Please note that this is a private fee service and we do not offer Legal Aid for Immigration and Asylum matters.

Our Immigration Team

Tariq Rashid


SolicItor advocate
(Higher Court Criminal Advocate)

LAA Supervisor
Family Law Panel Advanced Member
Children Panel Member

Qualified Barrister
(in-House High Court Advocate)

Higher Rights of Audience

Duty Solicitor


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