Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal process for non-criminal disputes, which often arise between one or more parties; where compensation or specific performance is sought from another. A dispute can cover a wide variety of matters such as personal injury, landlord and tenant disputes, contract disputes and employment disputes.

There are several stages of the litigation process and most matters are settled prior to a trial, following the negotiation process. There are certain rules and protocols that should be followed before issuing a claim at court, these are referred to as Pre-action protocols, which can be found within the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).

We at Rashid&Co have a wealth of experience in Civil Litigation matters. We understand how overwhelming this process can be and that’s why our legal team focus on your objectives, avoiding unnecessary costs by adopting both robust and conciliatory approaches to resolve your case without delay.

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Our Civil Litigation Team

Tariq Rashid


SolicItor advocate
(Higher Court Criminal Advocate)

LAA Supervisor
Family Law Panel Advanced Member
Children Panel Member

Qualified Barrister
(in-House High Court Advocate)

Higher Rights of Audience

Duty Solicitor